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赤星 ~ 長澤知之 fancomm
Akaboshi ~ Tomoyuki Nagasawa Fan Community
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1st-Apr-2012 06:08 pm - NEWS: new mini album [info, news, release]
Hello everyone. (I know you are here, right? T0T)

The last mail magazine announces Tomotan will release a new minialbum called "SEVEN" on june 6th. Comes with two editions: regular and limited (includes a DVD, finally!). No cover yet but a tracklist:

1.あんまり素敵じゃない世界 (anmari sutekijanai sekai)
2.センチメンタルフリーク (sentimental freak)
3.されど木馬 (saredo mokuba)
4.静かな生活 (shizukana seikatsu)
5.幸せへの片思い (shiawase he no kataomoi)
6.決別 (ketsubetsu)
7.バベル (babel)

DVD includes a digest from hist last oneman RIDE6:

・三年間 (sannenkan)
・俺はグビ (ore wa gubi)
・幻覚 (genkaku)

Annnd, our little baby has opened his facebook account! here: http://www.facebook.com/nagasawa.official/ go nau and say how much we love him xDDD. I already have a fanpage, but I'm afraid to have troubles with augusta about the info translation and I want to know what do you think. So, this is the most important news now.

Btw, did you see his last PV?
19th-Jan-2012 12:16 am - Release: Kasumisou

Nagasawa will release a new single this month. The title is "Kasumisou" and contains 3 tracks for 1200 yen. It can be preordered from CDJapan, HMV, Amazon, etc.

■New Single 「カスミソウ」
2012/1/25 Release!!

ATS-34 ¥1,200
1.カスミソウ [kasumisou]
2.けやき並木道 [keyaki namikimichi]
3.ずっとプロポーズ [zutto proposal]

This is the cover from HMV:

In his past solo concert "raid6" last monday, the single was presold; in celebration, the live version of "kasumisou" was uploaded into augusta youtube channel.

I must say... the song is precious T0T.
14th-Dec-2011 05:52 pm - Hello
Minna san!! How are you??? I know..the comm look already dead but we are on ride again! I'm really sorry for the lack of news and so, but I promise it will change the next days. And I want to hear ideaas! (well...read xD) I'm thinking in changing the layout again... and improve thigns lo made it more active... anyway. Hello again dear akaboushis!
16th-May-2011 12:57 am - happy birthday!!!
I know is already may 16 but anyway, happy birthday dear tomotan!!!

What happend with this community? Where is everyone? ToT

Well... I'm very happy because there is a new PV of our dear Nagasawa_kun.
The song is "Ore wa gubi" and the video is really interesting...
Mite mite!!!


Can you believe it? We have this new PV celebrating the release of his Full Album "Junklife"

What do you think about this version of "Ashita no last night"? I love it!!! T_T

PS. His official website has a new design so check it out!
Finally a video!!! Nagasawa Tomoyuki and Suga Shikao together again in the concert called [Ride 5].
This is a special movie of the performance.

11th-Mar-2011 04:51 pm - Earthquake in Japan
Our condolences to everyone affected by the earthquake in Japan.
Nuestras condolencias a todos los afectados por el terremoto en Japón.

I hope that Tomoyuki_san is safe T_T
Espero que tomoyuki_san esté a salvo T_T


He already wrote in his blog:
Ya escribió en su blog:





Nagasawa rosa
I know, I know... these are old news/info but someone (mana_belmont) deleted my post a long time ago. So... I share it (again).

A friend of mine in Last.fm site (Sizuken) translated all the comments that Nagasawa said in the  "Nagasa・Oneman 5" live performance (october 22, 2010).
And... enjoy it:


Nagasa・Oneman 5 : All talks Japanese-English translation

Nagasa・Oneman 5 at Daikanyama UNIT on October 22, 2010.
NAGASAWA TOMOYUKI & Office Augusta all rights reserved.
tlanslated by Sizuken for overseas Nagasawa funs. give up all my rights.

~Talk 1 : between 05.神様がいるなら and 06.明日のラストナイト

Good evening everyone, welcome to Nagasa-Oneman. I'm NAGASAWA TOMOYUKI.
えっと、僕自身が…えっと、ワンマンライブはかなり久しぶりだったりして、ライブをそんなに、えーと…いろいろあったりとかして…ライブをしなかったりと か、できなかったりだとか、があったんですけども。今日は盛り上がっていけたら、えーゆっくり楽しめたらと思います。どうぞ皆さんアルコールを飲んでくだ さい。
Well, this is for the...first time one-man live in a long while for myself, you know...there are a lot of things have happened so...I DIDN'T perform live, or I COULDN'T. So I hope I will make a exciting live today, and hope, will have fun with relaxing. Everyone, let you have drink alcohol please.
―AUDIENCES:(laugh and clap)

~Talk 2 : between 10.24時のランドリー and 11.なう。(ACOUSTIC)

Just, I will just talk to the person who is watching on Ustream. Well...now, this, one-man live,(Nagasawa pointing at all cameras in rotation)...I don't know which one is for the Ustream but, perhaps I think there're some Ustream listeners,...like at least, 4 or 5 persons?(laugh) watching this on so...
―(laugh) More! Much more a great number of people watching!
yep, so, uh, for these people...you know, on the magazine "MUSICA" I'm writing serial column titled "scribble because my throat feeling ill," and...let me see, seems-what-really...
―I've read that!
Oops really? Well I'm writing that and...and, I wrote a lyric on there. "NOW." ...use like "I'm doing something foobar NOW.",
That is, interesting in about the context of culture's stream, and language's onmatch...and many more, I estimate in 20 years later, maybe we will think like: "uh-oh, we said 'NOW.' in those days?" (laugh)
I think, I think that's interesting. and, with Ustream listeners...uh oh, just only this one is not for you on here, for the Ustream...
Shut up(laugh) I act, for the...Ustream listeners. It's "NOW." ok?
But it's really(laugh) like, what should I say, it's low-quality song.

~Talk 3 : between 14.ベテルギウス and 15.真夜中のミッドナイト

Thanks, thank you for your clapping - warm and affectionate handclap.
Well...can I call back, my band members?
Okay, firstly, bass...the bass Toshiaki Sudou.
And, the drums Takahiko Akiyama.
And last, the guitar Jun Matsue.
I think, a little...like, want to calm down, cuz I turned 26 years old, I wanted to make a adult Nagasa-Oneman, but(laugh) a little, what a...I'm not yet drink alcohol but.... Let you drink alcohol please?(laugh) and...
―(laugh) I drink!
From now, gradually, we will accelerate.
So we are going to accelerate, everyone, let's make a noise - make a noise not to be unfair on others.
Okay. "Mayonaka no Midnight"-

~Talk 4 : between encore1.回送 (ACOUSTIC) and encore2.茜ヶ空

Thank you. Thank you for your affectionate handclaps. Well, may I, call back the band members again?
Please come in.
Well...well sure. Usually, I don't know what kind of musics you're listening on usual, but there're many kind of musics I guess.
And...there're many kinds of genres of music and many people categorizes...uh...what should I say...For example, love violent one, like serene one, and more many other something...you know.
あのーひとつのことをやっていても僕はつまんないなぁと思う人間だから、いろんなことをやってしまうので、一部、局部的なところを見て、引いちゃうとこ ろ…引いちゃう人とか…たまにいたり…したり…する、から。なんていうんだ…あのー、いろんなことを、やって、いいような…気が、してるんですあのー…ふ ふ(失笑)
Well I'm a person who think that's no fun to do only one thing, I do many thing. So, there're a little funs or persons, who have lost his interest in me only to see the part of my work...only to see my extreme part...so...ah. What should I say...well...I think: I want to / I can, do, so much types, of work. ya...aha(grin)
―I think so too!(?)
なんていうんだろうあのー。だからこう、同年代の僕の友達だとか、その友達だとかも、そういう…僕らが、なにかこう、いい音楽としてなんか痕跡を残せたら いいなっていう話をよくするんですけれども。何か痕跡を残せるような、まだアルバムは先だけれど、そういう物が、作れたらいいなって思ってます。
What should I say ya...that means, me and my coeval friend, and his friend too, says...We are happy, if, we can make a good music and make a vestige by our music. Anytime we talks about it. I hope, I can make it - the next CD album is still have far to go to out, but - I'm working to make that great music.
So actually, this is very impressed for me that you all are on here to listen to my live and...Thank you very much. With many thanks, I want to act 2 songs, please. ya. So sorry, for my really poor talking...

And that's all...
There is an interesting comment about the song "Nau" so please check Sizuken website too
1st-Mar-2011 09:42 pm - random news [edited] [cconcierto, concierto, fans, info, live, news]
hello everybody!
(I'm in sleepy TV announcer mode on...)

There are some random things I found browsing trough the net.

- As you many know, the last Ride 5 was a coupling live with Suga Shikao (he was celebrating his 14 major debut anniversary). Shikao himself posted a picture from the live, check here. And the japanese websites musicshelf and biglobe posted a review of the live with some photos and the livelist. [edit] In the comments, you can see two new photos, thanks heroixspace!

- You can preorder the cd now in CDJapan, Yesasia, CDjournal, and Amazon. [Edit] and HMV too.

- This blog have a interesting notes from one Tomotan live, is in english. (btw, I didn't asked to link the pag, I'll ask later... [edit] Thanks again heroixspace!) .  From the people who have a Twitter account, this can be interesting =D.

- I forgot to put this before T_T... Tomotan has his own iTunesApp! (unfortunately, you need to have a japanese account and credit card to download it...)

 - [edit] and I forgot to post this too, as heroxspace post in the comment, "Nagasawa will be holding a two-part oneman tour in support of JUNKLIFE. (Shows in May will be acoustic and shows in June will be with a band.)" (thanks again.) No dates given yet, but the two coming live are: 
                  「SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM」~BUSTA CUP 2nd round~  -  march 21
                  Tomoyuki Nagasawa minilive  -  april 24

- today, as you can see, our hero is heroxspace =D.

This all for now ^--^. Only 37 days left!!!
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